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Subcontract Services

Lean manufacturing is in, while vertical integration is out. Companies are outsourcing manufacturing—to stay focused and profitable. They are getting leaner, eliminating plants and equipment, creating new production partners with contract manufacturers in many industries. By outsourcing manufacturing, OEMs are able to deal with increasing price and profit pressures, while managing to meet changing market requirements.
Precihole has a versatile manufacturing job shop with a wide array of well-maintained CNC machines. We process components suited to your requirements. Our facilities are capable of running reliably on a 3-shift basis, 7 days a week to deliver maximum throughput for our customers. We process all grades of steel - unalloyed, low alloy, high alloy, casting, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum and aluminum alloys, Copper and copper alloys, Super Alloys like Inconel, Titanium and Graphite. Subcontract services from Precihole can be classified into these 3 categories.

Deep Hole Drilling & Hole Finishing

We have 25-gun drilling, BTA Deep Hole and Honing machines in our job shop catering to different sizes and lengths of components. Additional machines are frequently added to the existing arsenal based on customer demand.

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Precision Component Manufacturing

We have several well-maintained CNC machining centers including Mill Turns, Slant Turns, Vertical Machining Centers, Turning Centers, Horizontal Boring Machines, Jig boring machines as well as many conventional machines for manufacturing precision components.

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Machining & Assembly services

Precihole specializes in providing sub-assemblies ranging from a few parts to hundreds of parts. Each part is procured from reliable vendors or manufactured internally, tested thoroughly and then assembled in the final stage.

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